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Fortunate to have called Japan home from 1998-2014. Active in Sogetsu-ryu Ikebana, and with years of experience in tea ceremony, Japanese dance and ceramics, inspired by Japan's unique mix of heritage and innovation. I've created Nihonbi as a place to share my experiences in the Japanese art world and to network with others with a similar passion.

On leaving Japan- a bittersweet sayonara

This is by far going to be the most difficult post I have written yet. This space over the years has offered me a place to record my discoveries, to share something of what what I  have found beautiful, inspiring … Continue reading

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On adopting a dog in Japan

Things have been pretty hectic this fall. In fact, although I feel that I have been composing many posts in my head recently, it has been many many months since I have been able to update my blog. One of … Continue reading

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Aibi Ikebana 6th Annual Group Exhibition

On June 8th and 9th the Aibi Ikebana group held its 6th annual group exhibition, for the first time in Nagai sensei’s newly restored space, ‘Showa no Ie’. In previous years we had held the exhibitions in a community center … Continue reading

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Yanaka and ‘the Tokyo unknown to Japanese’ 

Yanaka is a neighborhood in Tokyo’s ‘shita-machi‘ (old Edo; the eastern area of Tokyo), known as one of the few areas to have been preserved from both the massive fires following the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the fire-bombings … Continue reading

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